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Specialty buildings are becoming more popular these days. Does your local organization need to add that pavilion for special events, or maybe you want to add a special hangout in the backyard for your family and friends. Here at Hanover Building Systems, we can help you bring that idea or dream to life.

We have also been helping some new and past customers with smaller projects like the deck they have been putting off, or that enclosed porch and patio job they have been dreaming of doing. Hanover Building Systems would be happy to help you with these from start to finish.

Let’s say you’re thinking about replacing the existing shingles on your home, but you can’t find the right color, or know that shingles only last a short time.  How about considering Metal over top of your existing shingles?  There is less waste and labor, plus you get a wide range of colors, and the warranty is equal to shingles, if not better.

So know matter what project you have coming up or want to build in the future, Hanover Building Systems can help you through each and every project you want to build or design.  We have our own design department and can help you with the easiest to the most advanced projects.

Check out our Testimonials and Specialty, Decks, Patios and Metal Exterior Remodeling Services photos, and then let us know how we can customize a unique, good-looking specialty building, deck or patio that will add additional value to your property.

So call us today, there is no charge for an appointment to plan your new Hanover Building Systems, Inc. building.


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