Company History

Gerry Richardson and Jim Heasley, 12-year veterans of the post-frame and general construction industry, formed Hanover Pole Building Co. in 1982. Gerry and Jim changed the company name in 1987 to Hanover Building Systems. In 2001, Reb Balzanna took over the construction department when Jim retired. Since that time Reb Balzanna has become Majority owner of Hanover Building Systems, Inc.

Hanover Building Systems has completed over 2,000 buildings and projects, ranging in size from 400-650 sq. ft to 28,000 sq. ft., priced from $2500 to $1.4 million.

We meet with our customers one-on-one, listen to their needs, and offer suggestions based on our experience. We know it’s difficult to secure an accurate, all-inclusive price for a new building unless we meet with our client. In short, by meeting with our clients we get a better understanding of their needs and wants to design and construct their building.

We hire and train our own construction crews and use in-house design staff to help clients plan their building for specific application and needs. And, we utilize professional engineers and architects to prepare construction plans for each project.

Hanover Building Systems takes pride in providing the highest quality construction services and products at reasonable prices. Customer satisfaction has always been our first priority, guiding each project through our time-tested process.

In-House Design and Company Work Team

Hanover Buildings Systems, Inc. prepares drawings for each individual job. Our design team works with architects and engineers on each project to meet client needs.

Your project’s success is important to you and to us. We focus on quality control at each step of our well-honed process to ensure customer satisfaction.

Above all, we know that our dedicated team of craftsmen and construction professionals will build a top-quality structure that both of us can be proud of for years.

Hanover Building Systems carries the necessary insurances needed to protect you and our employees while on-site. Certificates can be provided upon request.

Hanover Building Systems, Inc. prides itself on customer service and building relationships. Referrals are a very big part of our business. We are constantly improving with better products, design, flexibility, and commitment to our clients.